Chek Spot: The Srau Point

pacitan surfing
pacitan surfing

Srau Point is the place where you can find many surfing point. Hidden behind a row of hills 25 km west of the town of Pacitan (East java, Indonesia), Srau Point is one of paradise surfer paradise in Pacitan. It is quite far from city center making this beautiful beach is not too crowded with surfers. The nearest village is a few kilometers. Do not imagine for hotels or restaurants. Only there is a mosque and an open hall that can be used to rest. Several pieces of small stalls providing food and drink prfunctory as instant noodles, fried, coconut ice, tea or coffe. This beach has three surf spot with challenging waves for surfers who are quite reliable. The first Spot is located behind the ticket portal so often referred as "The Portal". the second spot is "The Pancingan", under a cliff west coast that is often used by the fisherman hung angler fish. While the third spot is "The Pandan", hills behind this reef.

Srau beach has surf reef break type, which means that the waves created by a tidal wave hit the reef.  Basic Coastline is dominated by rocks, so that surfers should be more careful. November to February is the best time to surf and catch barrel of Srau Beach.
  • Place : Srau Beach
  • Wave Category : Intermediate
  • Beach Bottom : Reef
  • Wave Direction : Left and Right
  • Crowd Level : Empty
  • Hazard : Coral, Sea urchin, jelly fish
  • Wave Quality rating : 6-7
  • Note : No Surf Board rental
  • Best Time : November - February

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