Chek Spot: The Pancer Point

Pancer Surf Point
Pancer Surf Point

Wave on this point break will be perfect after rainy season, the wave will crash when the bank is full and water in the low tide condition. May-October is the best time for surfing here. This place is the best place for long board and beginner, that’s why we call it ”The Longboard Paradise” but it can be more serious on the low tide condition. Pancer also ready to pamper you with the waves. there are two types of waves here, the type of beach break and rivermouth break. Iwth a sandy seabed, the beach is suitablefor all surfers, including intermediate surfer and beginners surfers. When being low tide, surfers often get the barrel. Pancer located not too far from the city center and can be reached within 10 minutes by motorbike. Some homestays and lodging can be found not far from the beach. Some homestay also rents surf boards, motorcycles, and surf lessons for beginners.
  • Place : Pancer
  • Wave Category : Longboarder, Begginer and Intermediate
  • Beach Bottom : Sand
  • Wave Direction : Left Point break
  • Type of Wave : Rivermouth Break, Beach break
  • Crowd Level : None
  • Hazard : None
  • Wave Quality  rating : 5
  • Best Time : May-October

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