Chek Spot: Watu Karung Point (WK)

pacitan surfing
pacitan surfing

pacitan surfing
pacitan surfing
pacitan surfing

In this Spot we can get the double pleasure by getting place for all the Brave surfer, with the reef as the bottom of the beach,creates the good wave with the challenging barrel.With sweel under 7 feets, April-October is the offshore time. With this type of reef break and the sea in the form of a rock, at certain moment Watu Karung Beach can produce barrels that will make the surfers was in heaven. Both SUrfers with natural and goofy style can surf here because Watu Karung Beach has a left and right waves. This place is also not too crowded, so the surfers can catch waves with ease. Offshore winds usually come in in from April to October, making these months are the best times to mingle with the barrel of Watu Karung. In 2009, Indonesia's top surfers Rizal tanjung invite Bruce Irons, winner of Rip Curl pro Search 2008 to try and prove how waves watu karung Beach are wirld class waves. Some World Pro Surfer had come here like Kelly Slatter, Benji, Josh Kerr and many others.
  • Place : Watu Karung
  • Wave Category : Intermediate, advance
  • Beach Bottom : Reef
  • Wave Direction : Right and Left
  • Crow Level : Empty
  • Hazard : coral, sea urchin, jellyfish 
  • Wave Quality rating : 8
  • Best Time : April-October
  • Note : No Shops, restaurant, hotels, and surf board rental

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