News: The Waves

peta pacitan

All the beach at Pacitan quite clean and the sand is very soft, more than you can imagine. The sand also lays long from the water. With 3 different beach, you can choose the type of waves you want. Start from the quite to the intermediate one. It is a wonderfull place for an adventure with lowest budget ever!!

pacitanThe Swell is coming... Pacitan Bay Picture from Google Map..

pacitan surfingpacitan surfingTeleng Ria Point (Harbour Point (R.I.P)) Left Hander

pacitan surfingInside Point (Teleng Ria) left and right

pacitan surfingpacitan surfingWatu Karung Point (WK) lefthander

pacitan surfingpacitan surfingThe Puncher Point (Pancer Door) righthander


  1. liat" fotonya jadi pengen mampir...!!!

  2. Iya mas jun,kapan2 wajib mampir..kita tunggu kedatanganya..