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car free pacitan

Sunday (03/02/2013) morning, different atmosphere seemed in the Pacitan Square. The traffic flow in the city center which is ususally crowded suddenly quiet. Protocol street section such as Imam Bonjol street, Letjen Suprapto Street, Diponegoro Street, and Achmad Yani Street just filled with pedestrian.

Sunday, 03/02/2013 officially lauched car free day program. This program would effectively force every Sunday at 06.00 until 09.00 WIB. The impact of this program is divertion traffic lines, it mainly focused on vehicles that want to pass toward the Ahmad Yani street which is the axis of the city.

Motor vehicle from the east (Jenderal Sudirman Street) when he got in front of the Junior High School 2 section is directed to the right through Kartini Street, Veteran Street, Wahidin Sudirohusodo Street and ends in Samanhudi street, through Achmad Yani street (west Mapolres). Similarly to the vehicle from the opposite direction.

Pacitan Healthy Forum Chairman, Ahmad Munib Siradj said the launch of Car Free Day is not only to reduce pollution. Regular Sunday morning program is expected to provide a space as possible to the people carrying out the activity in the morning without being disturbed by pollution from exhaust.

Not only that, the activities of people are focused on the Pacitan Square is expected to generate economic impact on the state of society. In addition, residents of diverse elements can also show their creativity

Skateboarder, bmxer, fixie soloist, and other community let's get together and take advantage of this program, Respect each others and Enjoy Pacitan! 

text source : pur/riz 
pic source: West Seattle Blog 

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