The Waves

At least there are 4 beaches ideal for surfing :

  1. Teleng Ria Beach, ideal for beginners, suitable months are November to February
  2. Pancer Beach, ideal for beginners, suitable months are May to October
  3. Srau Beach, rocky beach, suitable months are November to February
  4. Watu Karung Beach, rocky beach, suitable months are April to October

Srau Point

Srau Point is the place where you can find many surfing point. Hidden behind a row of hills 25 km west of the town of Pacitan (East java, Indonesia), Srau Point is one of paradise surfer paradise in Pacitan. It is quite far from city center making this beautiful beach is not too crowded with surfers. The nearest village is a few kilometers. Do not imagine for hotels or restaurants. Only there is a mosque and an open hall that can be used to rest. Several pieces of small stalls providing food and drink prfunctory as instant noodles, fried, coconut ice, tea or coffe. This beach has three surf spot with challenging waves for surfers who are quite reliable. The first Spot is located behind the ticket portal so often referred as "The Portal". the second spot is "The Pancingan", under a cliff west coast that is often used by the fisherman hung angler fish. While the third spot is "The Pandan", hills behind this reef.

Srau beach has surf reef break type, which means that the waves created by a tidal wave hit the reef.  Basic Coastline is dominated by rocks, so that surfers should be more careful. November to February is the best time to surf and catch barrel of Srau Beach.

  • Place : Srau Beach
  • Wave Category : Intermediate
  • Beach Bottom : Reef
  • Wave Direction : Left and Right
  • Crowd Level : Empty
  • Hazard : Coral, Sea urchin, jelly fish
  • Wave Quality rating : 6-7
  • Note : No Surf Board rental
  • Best Time : November - February

Watu Karung Point

In this Spot we can get the double pleasure by getting place for all the Brave surfer, with the reef as the bottom of the beach,creates the good wave with the challenging barrel.With sweel under 7 feets, April-October is the offshore time. With this type of reef break and the sea in the form of a rock, at certain moment Watu Karung Beach can produce barrels that will make the surfers was in heaven. Both Surfers with natural and goofy style can surf here because Watu Karung Beach has a left and right waves. This place is also not too crowded, so the surfers can catch waves with ease. Offshore winds usually come in in from April to October, making these months are the best times to mingle with the barrel of Watu Karung. In 2009, Indonesia's top surfers Rizal tanjung invite Bruce Irons, winner of Rip Curl pro Search 2008 to try and prove how waves watu karung Beach are wirld class waves. Some World Pro Surfer had come here like Kelly Slatter, Benji, Josh Kerr and many others.
  • Place : Watu Karung
  • Wave Category : Intermediate, advance
  • Beach Bottom : Reef
  • Wave Direction : Right and Left
  • Crow Level : Empty
  • Hazard : coral, sea urchin, jellyfish 
  • Wave Quality rating : 8
  • Best Time : April-October
  • Note : No Shops, restaurant, hotels, and surf board rental

The Puncher (Pancer)

Wave on this point break will be perfect after rainy season, the wave will crash when the bank is full and water in the low tide condition. May-October is the best time for surfing here. This place is the best place for long board and beginner, that’s why we call it ”The Longboard Paradise” but it can be more serious on the low tide condition. Pancer also ready to pamper you with the waves. there are two types of waves here, the type of beach break and rivermouth break. Iwth a sandy seabed, the beach is suitablefor all surfers, including intermediate surfer and beginners surfers. When being low tide, surfers often get the barrel. Pancer located not too far from the city center and can be reached within 10 minutes by motorbike. Some homestays and lodging can be found not far from the beach. Some homestay also rents surf boards, motorcycles, and surf lessons for beginners.
  • Place : Pancer
  • Wave Category : Longboarder, Begginer and Intermediate
  • Beach Bottom : Sand
  • Wave Direction : Left Point break
  • Type of Wave : Rivermouth Break, Beach break
  • Crowd Level : None
  • Hazard : None
  • Wave Quality  rating : 5
  • Best Time : May-October

Teleng Ria Point

Rainy season is the best time to surf in this point, between November to February, the inside of the bay will be cheerin up by the sweel that up to 8 feets In the low tide condition, you’ll have the barrel and on the high tide it is a paradise for beginner. There are two surf spot in this point, Bombies Pier (harbour point (R.I.P) and baywatch point.
  • Place: Teleng Ria Beach
  • Wave Category: Fun, beginner, beach break
  • Beach Bottom: Sand
  • Direction: Right
  • Crowd Level : Quiet
  • Hazard : None
  • Wave Quality rating : 3
  • Best Time: November - February